Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another AT&T Android smartphone: HTC Aria

AT&T customers have the luxury to choose smartphones from any operating system. If you're an Apple iPhone fan, then you can get the old iPhone or the new iPhone 4. Prefer Google Android? No problem! Now you have several Android smartphone options. The HTC Aria is a nice light smartphone that's arriving on the AT&T network on June 20. Of course, a significant percentage of AT&T customers will probably get drawn to the iPhone 4 given all the hype and the nice features, but if you're a serious Google fan or if you'd rather run Android, then the Aria could be a nice option.

Dell fans will have the option of the Dell Aero. Meanwhile, the MOTOROLA BACKFLIP™ will remain the first Android smartphone on the AT&T network.

If you're on AT&T, which smartphone will you get? If you're a medical student and you're on a limited budget, then go with a device that isn't too expensive. You'll probably end up getting a new smartphone before residency, so don't make a huge investment right now when you don't have the funds.

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