Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Essential Evidence Plus (EE+) for smartphones and other mobile devices

Essential Evidence Plus (EE+) is an online evidence-based clinical decision support solution for health care professionals. EE+ is now available for mobile devices. The only database system of filtered, synopsized, evidence-based information, this integrated search engine allows you to simultaneously search, via keyword, multiple databases:

* Essential Evidence
* EBM Guidelines
* Daily POEMs
* Cochrane Abstracts
* Selected Practice Guidelines
* Decision Support Calculators
* H&P Calculators
* Diagnostic Test Calculators
* Derm Expert
* E/M Coding
* ICD-9 Lookup Tool

Essential Evidence is your point of entry into Essential Evidence Plus. This resource brings clinicians to the "Bottom Line" quickly and has been developed to comprehensively and concisely address over 670 conditions and diseases. You can jump quickly to prevention, screening, symptoms, treatment, and prognosis to better target answers to clinical questions at the point-of-care. Plus, each Essential Evidence topic is tightly integrated with evidence-based medicine content such as decision support tools, diagnostic calculators, Cochrane Abstracts, POEMs, evidence-based guidelines, and more. Get as much or as little information as you need and feel confident in the recommendations because all content contains a "strength of evidence" rating. One complete resource to support all of your decisions!


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