Monday, June 28, 2010

Get the Kindle on your Android smartphone

Who needs to buy an actual Kindle if you can load the Kindle reader app on your smartphone? The popular Kindle app is now available for smartphones running Google Android. Scan the QR Code on the right to get the Kindle app on your Android smartphone. It's free and it's a great reader app.

Kindle is also available for the Apple iPhone, the iPod touch, and yes - even the iPad.  

So, if you want to do some reading at the beach this summer, just bring your smartphone. You'll have it with you anyways, and now you can read on your device. If you're a medical student, maybe you'll be reading your medical textbook on your smartphone while you're at the beach with your friends and/or family. Physicians who are preparing for board certification exams may also find their noses buried in books and e-readers that contain clinical pearls and board review questions.

1 comment:

  1. Android version lacks a couple key features in comparison to iPhone/iPad version:

    1. Support for audio and video playback.

    2. No full-text search.

    3. Can't buy books from within the app.