Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Motorola Droid X vs. HTC Droid Incredible

My entire family is on Verizon Wireless. So, even if I really wanted the new Apple iPhone 4, I won't be switching to AT&T.

My wife recently ordered the HTC Droid Incredible. She hasn't gotten it yet, but I'm sure she's going to like it. I'll be due for an upgrade in 3 months, so I'm trying to wait patiently. If my current device had a faster processor, then I really would not mind using it a bit longer. Given that newer smartphones are so much faster, it really is getting painful to use my current smartphone. However, I will be patient.

So, should you get the Motorola Droid X or the HTC Droid Incredible? If you have small hands, try holding the Droid X before you make any decisions. The Droid X is a very LARGE smartphone (even though it's very thin). The Droid Incredible is a very nice size and still has a very fast processor.  So, which one is right for you? As long as you don't mind the large size of the Droid X, that's the one to get. However, if you don't want the "biggest" device out there, then choose the Droid Incredible.

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