Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ordered an HTC Droid Incredible for my wife

I ordered an HTC Droid Incredible for my wife.  It was time for her to upgrade and she saved $50 thanks to Verizon and their "new every two" plan. I think she's going to like this smartphone. The Droid Incredible is probably the leading smartphone on the Verizon Wireless network, but that could change as Motorola updates the Droid and releases a new model soon that has a much better keyboard.

What makes the Droid Incredible so great? It's very fast, it's very thin, it runs Android, and it has a great camera for a smartphone. It also includes all those other smartphone features like a built-in GPS with audible turn-by-turn directions (thanks to Google Maps), a built-in Wi-Fi hot spot, etc.

Given Android's increasing popularity, it should be interesting to follow the smartphone wars over the next few years. Since the Apple iPhone 4 is still only available on AT&T's network, we're not going to see too many Verizon customers make the switch if they're stuck on long-term contracts or family plans where everyone else has a Verizon phone. That's us: our entire family is using Verizon and most of our friends are also on Verizon.

So, I'm sure my wife will enjoy her new smartphone when it arrives. It looks like we'll have to wait a few weeks because the Droid Incredible is so popular (and sold out at the moment).

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