Thursday, July 22, 2010

Droid X gets rooted (unlocked: gain administrator access for hacking)

At MIT, hacking was the norm. We didn't talk about the ethics behind hacking. Hacking was an integral part of the MIT culture. Well, now that I'm not at MIT anymore, I don't get to talk about hacking very much. I'm not a computer hacker, but I like to gain full administrative access so that I can unlock certain features, make some tweaks and adjustments, and modify my smartphone. That's probably why I've spent so much time in the past loading custom ROMs on my devices.

Bloggers are reporting that the Droid X can now be "rooted." That means that you can gain full access to the phone. By the way, don't mix up the jargon when you're speaking about smartphones:
Android phones are rooted, not jailbroken or unlocked
iPhones are jailbroken
So, do you plan to gain full access to your Droid X? Why would you want to do this? To gain access to restricted features that your carrier may have blocked. To learn how to gain root access to your Droid or Droid X, visit the forum.

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