Friday, July 09, 2010

I think I'll buy the Motorola Droid X

OK, I admit that I thought I'd be buying the HTC Droid Incredible. However, I had a chance to get my hands on the Droid X and I was so impressed that I've decided that my next phone will be the Motorola Droid X.

When will I upgrade? In September when I'm eligible for an upgrade.

My wife recently got the HTC Droid Incredible, and although it's a great smartphone, the battery life isn't very impressive if you're using the phone heavily. You can change some settings to improve your battery life or you can purchase an extended battery, so the Incredible is still a great smartphone for people who don't want to carry something as large as the Droid X.

Motorola is also coming out with the Droid 2, a newer version of the existing Droid slider that includes a physical QWERTY keyboard. I think I'd rather go with a slate that has a larger screen, but maybe I'll change my mind after I see the Droid 2. For now, I'm anticipating an upgrade to the Droid X in less than 2 months.

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