Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Thin-Cam app (for weight loss)

Thin-site Launches Thin-Cam App, the 1st Photo Journal of its Sort

Following the successful launch of its weight loss, lifestyle change and health education Web site, Thin-site.com has developed a cutting-edge mobile platform: the Thin-cam app. With the Thin-cam app, Thin-site founder Dr. David Edelson has paired of health and technology in a whole new, convenient way.

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get to the bottom of food-related health issues or keep track of nutrition as a part of your fitness training, a food diary is an integral part of making healthy changes in your life.

The first photographic, mobile food diary, Thin-cam eliminates the painstaking tasks of writing entries in a notebook or scrolling through the long lists of foods and brands on which other digital food diaries depend. With Thin-cam, users simply snap a photograph and their entry is complete. Since photos don’t lie, the Thin-cam app dismantles many denial-induced tricks that often sabotage traditional food diaries. After all, whether you’re trying to count calories or cut carbs, sometimes it’s hard to face the facts about what we’re eating.

Thin-cam was developed by Thin-site founder David Edelson, MD, also the medical director and founder of HealthBridge, the nationally recognized weight loss and preventative health facility. One of fewer than 400 certified obesity specialists in the US, Dr. Edelson is also board-certified in Internal and Bariatric medicine.

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