Tuesday, July 06, 2010

World Congress 2nd Annual Leadership Summit on mHealth

Just when you think you can't keep up with all the mHealth conferences this year, there's another one I'd like to highlight. This one is the "World Congress 2nd Annual Leadership Summit on mHealth" and it's in my favorite city: Boston.

Here's a description:
The World Congress is pleased to announce its 2nd Annual Leadership Summit on mHealth.  The purpose of this conference is to provide the emerging mHealth eco-system (i.e. providers, payers, policy-makers, device manufacturers and telecomm carriers) with insight into the clinical efficiencies and business opportunities for integrating mobile technologies into the care delivery model.

The technology is maturing. The infrastructure is in place. Consumer interest and demand is on the increase and the outcomes-based case for mHealth is growing.  So if widespread adoption is to occur, the current fee-for-service reimbursement system needs adjustment or new payment models must be created that incent providers toward adoption.  For some time now, the industry has identified the business model issue as the sticking point -- Who will pay for mHealth? 
You can learn more about this event here.

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