Tuesday, August 10, 2010

15 Free Healthcare Apps for Google Android

FierceMobileHealthcare has a nice list of 15 healthcare apps for Android smartphones. Can you guess which apps are on this list?

1. Epocrates Rx
2. Calculate by QxMD
3. PubMed Mobile
4. Skyscape Medical Resources
5. Relief Central
6. Mini Nurse - Lite
7. Hospital Intel
8. USA Graduate School: Medical
9. National Comprehensive Cancer Network Guidelines
10. iTriage Mobile Health
11. Heart Rate Monitor
12. Glucose Meter
13. MedPage Today Mobile
14. Prescriber's Letter
15. FierceMarkets

This is a good list and I have most of these apps on my Android device. I'd also add QuantiaMD and Calorie Counter to the list. Also, Google Translate could be a very useful app if you're working in an area where patients don't always speak English.

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