Monday, August 02, 2010

American Medical News mentions Dr. Joseph Kim in a smartphone article

American Medical Association published an article titled, "Who made the app for that? Tale of 3 app developers."
Behind every smartphone application is someone with an idea. Here are people who created some of the most popular medical, health and wellness apps.
This is a great article featuring these doctors who also developed medical apps:
  1. Dr. Gregory Moore
  2. Dr. Pascal Pfiffner
  3. Dr. Pieter Kubben
I come in when the writer asks the question: "Are apps always reliable?"

We know that smartphone apps are not regulated, so anyone can develop and publish an app (like a swine flu detector). The app stores are getting crowded with useless medical apps. In some cases, junk apps remain popular among consumers who find them fun or entertaining.   Will the FDA and FCC intervene to regulate medical and health apps?

Click here to read the article.

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