Thursday, August 19, 2010

Doctors rely on iPhones to guide treatment

Here's a great story illustrating how physicians are using the Apple iPhone at the point of care to improve patient outcomes. The story is titled, "Doctors rely on iPhones to guide treatment" and it was published earlier this month in (San Jose Mercury News)

Here are some snippets from this article:

The mother charged into the emergency room unannounced carrying her 8-year-old daughter, who was having seizures and couldn't breathe. As she placed the girl on a gurney, Dr. Kathy Corby instinctively reached for her iPhone.

Dr. Joe Becker said medical apps play a critical role when he treats patients in India and Nepal as part of a global health fellowship through Stanford University. "I am not as familiar treating typhoid fever as I am heart attacks," said Becker, a faculty member at Stanford University's Department of Surgery, Division of Emergency Medicine.

While medical reference information has long been available through the Internet on computers, physicians such as Corby say the ability to instantly access data in any situation and through one-touch technology is changing the way they practice medicine. Asked to choose between having a stethoscope or a smartphone, some doctors say they would choose the latter.

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