Sunday, August 29, 2010

Epocrates for iPhone gets updated

Epocrates on the iPhone and iPod touch has been updated to Version 3.8. If you're running iPhone 4, then you'll appreciate the multitasking ability.

The new version will help you:
Multitask with ease. Fast app switching means you don’t have to close Epocrates if you need to perform another function [iPhone 4.0 is required to use this new feature]
Search quicker. The search bar is now more responsive to your taps, so you can start your search right away
Save time. The keyboard is hidden when browsing search results, which means you spend less time scrolling to find the information you want
Epocrates is the #1 mobile drug reference resource used by healthcare providers at the point of care. Trusted for accurate content and innovative offerings, physicians choose Epocrates 3 to 1 as their point of care drug reference of choice.

Clinicians turn to Epocrates numerous times throughout the day to make more informed medical decisions. They report that using Epocrates helps them avoid making medical errors, leading to improved patient safety. Epocrates also helps physicians save time; over 40% report saving 20 minutes or more a day.

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