Saturday, August 28, 2010

Metabolic Enzymes (new subclass) added to Epocrates

Here's a snippet from the recent Epocrates Pulse newsletter:

In response to your requests, the editors at Epocrates have added a new subclass, Metabolic Enzymes, to our drug database. These drugs include Adagen, Aldurazyme, Ceredase, Cerezyme, Elaprase, Fabrazyme, Kuvan, Lumizyme, Myozyme, Naglazyme, and Vpriv. You can see them all in one place: browse by class, select the Endocrine/Metabolism class, and then select the Metabolic Enzymes subclass. In our Epocrates disease database, you can find our related disease monographs on: Phenylketonuria and Common hereditary lysosomal storage diseases.

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