Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mobile Apps for Diabetes Patients (on ReachMD)

Tune in to ReachMD to hear my short commentary regarding mobile apps for diabetes patients.

There are a variety of smartphone apps for patients with diabetes. Some only provide blood glucose numbers, but some do much more. Which are diabetes apps are worth recommending to your patients?

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This is part of the Mobile Medical Minute series on ReachMD.

How can smartphones and mobile apps help patients improve the management of their diabetes?

If you look in the iTunes app store, you’ll find a variety of apps geared for patients with diabetes. But do these apps actually improve clinical outcomes? Or, can they potentially mislead patients who have diabetes?

You’re listening to the ReachMD Mobile Medical Minute. I’m Dr. Joseph Kim, founder and editor of MedicalSmartphones.com.

Some diabetes management apps only give patients blood sugar numbers. But Patients also need to know how to eat right and they need to balance their diet with exercise so that their bodies are burning fuel and using glucose appropriately. There are some great smartphone apps like the diabetes log and glucose buddy that can help patients track their blood glucose values so that they can see trends in their highs and lows. These apps could be helpful for patients who have trouble recording and tracking their blood glucose values.

Other apps like GoMeals can help patients choose healthy choices that won’t send their blood glucose values through the roof. Diabetes Companion is another app that can guide patients with healthy recipes. Patients with diabetes may also benefit from apps that help them with portion control and allow them to track and monitor their exercise habits.

It’s worth it to get familiar with the health apps out there — because your patients may ask for your advice.

I’m Dr. Joseph Kim, for the ReachMD Mobile Medical Minute — helping you stay smarter than your smartphone. For more news and education, visit ReachMD .com, and for more on mobile medical devices, you can visit my blog, MedicalSmartphones.com.

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