Friday, September 17, 2010

Credential reminder

Credential reminder helps remind busy health care professionals when their ACLS, BLS and other certificates are about to expire. The app will also allow you to enter and save a copy of your CV, save your frequent phone numbers used in the hospital, Save when the last TB was done.

Key features:
Take pictures of your certificates & email them to employer
Password protect this app from others.
another password to protect the password section of the app.
Back up and restore function
It allows you to save any certificate but has specific prompts for:
Other certificates: ACNPC, APN, ARRT, ASCP, CCRN, CDE, CEN, CME, CNE, CNOR, CNM, CRNA, CRT, ECA, EMT P, EMT I, EMT B, and many more.
Get reminders: 3 months, 1 month, 3 weeks 1 week before expiration.

Under CV: allow to enter your information edit, view and email as an HTML file or PDF file right from your iphone!

Save your PASSWORDS: for different hospitals (save which hospital, what application (pax, Pyxus, ...) login/password.

Save: under Notes section. last TB test, hospital privileges, insurance carriers, Malpractice cases, USMLE scores, Other notes). Under notes section pick time and date that you want a reminder.

The password has been encrypted so that even if your iphone is stolen and jailbroken the data is encrypted.

Coming soon will be the iPad edition of the app.

** requires iOS 4.0 to get reminders **

**** We have made every effort to back users to be able to backed up to our servers and for our servers to be backed up as well. We will not be responsible for lost data or direct or indirect losses due to the software.
We will not be responsible for missed reminders. All reminders use the 4.0 iOs software, please make sure you up date your software in order to obtain your push notifications.

To learn more, click here.

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