Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day #5 with the Droid X

I've now been using the Motorola Droid X for 5 days. I had played around with this phone in the past, but it's a different user experience when you start using it regularly. I've used it in the car as my GPS, I've used it in the gym as my entertainment console, I've tethered with it, and I've used it as a smartphone. So, what are my initial impressions so far?

The Droid X is definitely a very large smartphone. If you don't have big hands, you really don't need this device. In fact, it may feel a bit awkward to hold this in one hand. If you're always using your smartphone with two hands, then you should be find using this device. However, if you're the type to do things using only one hand, then the Droid X won't be very comfortable.

I have medium-sized hands. When I purchase gloves, I buy medium. When using the Droid X, I find that I'm constantly holding the devices in different ways based on where I'm typing or tapping on buttons. If I need to tap on the top portion of the screen, I hold the phone one way. Then, if I need to switch and tap on the lower portion of the screen, I have to change my grip. With other smartphones like the iPhone or Droid Incredible, I don't usually have to change my grip as I tap on different sections of the screen. I guess the Droid X is simply too large for my hands.

If you have smaller hands, the Droid X will be a device that will frequently require two hands for operation. I don't regret having a Droid X. I'm sure that over the next few weeks, I'll find a way to hold this device so that I can use it more effectively in one hand. Maybe I'll primarily use it in landscape mode instead of portrait mode. 

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