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Mobile OMT Medical App Suite on iOS and Android for Health Care Providers

There's a new suite of medical apps available for clinicians and it was announced the other day. Here's the press release:

Mobile OMT Medical App Suite on iOS and Android for Health Care Providers

Seattle, WA Oct 19, 2010 in Medical

[] Seattle, Washington - Announcing that Clinically Relevant Technologies, developers of medical applications for smartphones, have released a new suite of apps for clinicians who use manual therapy to treat musculoskeletal problems. This comes amidst a global push to implement smartphone and mobile tablet devices at medical education centers, hospitals, and clinics, along with an industry shift from textbooks to electronic platforms.
"We're very excited because we believe this content lends itself well to digital platforms such as the one's we've used here. Being able to read instructions, hear the instructions read aloud and then observe the technique performed from multiple angles provides a powerful tool for mastering manipulative techniques. I just wish there was something like this available when I went through my fellowship training," states Dr. Ben Hando, partner and content developer at Clinically Relevant Technologies.

The Mobile OMT suite contains close to 150 different orthopaedic manipulative therapy techniques for the treatment of many different musculoskeletal conditions. Care was taken to include techniques that have been used in clinical trials and reported in the peer-reviewed medical literature. Each technique is presented with written instructions, high-quality video demonstration with audio overlay, "key points" for performing the technique successfully as well as common variations of the technique's performance. Every step of the way there is evidence to back up the complete, thorough and extensive content. The high quality videos highly support the use of this app as a teaching tool, especially on the iPad, which will soon support video out capabilities to use with an overhead projector.

"There is currently no such compendium of techniques in this format, easily referenced from your pocket, that allows for detailed technique review, access, and latest evidence. It's a great tool to have even if you know all these procedures. The research to support their use provided in an easy to understand and highly referenced "Evidence Summary" is phenomenal and allows you to share this information with colleagues and patients," explains Dan Rhon, partner at Clinically Relevant Technologies.

"Perhaps the best part of these applications is that as more research is published on OMT, we'll be able to update the applications with the most up to date content very easily," points out Hando.

It took Rhon and Hando and their team more than five hundred hours of work to compile the clinical content of the Mobile OMT app series. Their mandate was to ensure that the app's information was thorough, current, evidence-based, an ultimately relevant for use as a teaching tool and clinical reference.

"One of our goals with these applications was to get the most out of the platforms provided by these devices. With the high quality video, the ability to access and email pubmed abstracts and the overall ease of navigation through a lot of information, we feel we succeeded," stated Hando.

The Mobile OMT application series provides step-by-step illustration of each procedure and indication, using text, videos and supporting medical journal articles, and links to PUBMed references. Everything is covered, from the extremities to the spine.

Important Mobile OMT features:
* Practice and augment the teaching of OMT right out of the box
* Powerful pocket reference with periodic updates of emerging research related to OMT
* Almost 150 techniques in the entire suite targeted at orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions/diagnoses in 9 main body regions
* "Add to Favorites" feature
* Step-by step descriptions on how to perform each maneuver broken down by patient position, clinician position, and technique application
* High quality (720p) video demonstrations embedded in the app (no internet required) with audio instructions
* Links to supporting medical references
* Reference reviews via abstracts in PUBMed
* Email colleagues, patients, and friends the PUBMed links referenced in the apps
* A summary of the history of manipulative therapy across different health professions
* Highly referenced "Evidence Summaries" of the current state of the research on OMT for each of the 9 regions.
*Purchasing one copy of the application provides the full version for both iPad and iPhone/iPod (no purchasing separate versions for iPad and iPhone/iPod).
* Please note that PUBMed reference links require active network connection

Learn more about this important application by visiting Clinically Relevant website. Purchase and download information can be found on the Clinically Relevant Technologies Apps Suite page on iTunes. Direct links to both sites are located below.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android
* Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
* Between 306MB and 380MB for each iOS App

Clinically Relevant Technologies is comprised of a group of clinicians immersed in patient care, research, and academia. Collaboratively they work with the goal of creating interactive informational applications to help guide clinical decision making and practice in an evidence-based manner that is easy to access, use and keep up to date. Clinically Relevant Technologies develops projects that are clinically relevant tools for modern healthcare providers, clinicians, residents, students and researchers. Their CORE - Clinical ORthopaedic Exam has consistently been in the top 50 highest grossing medical apps category. Copyright (C) 2010 Clinically Relevant Technologies. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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