Monday, October 18, 2010

Smartphones: Our national obsession (on CNN)

On CNN, you'll find a 5-day series about smartphones and their impact on our lives and culture. It's titled, "Smartphones: Our national obsession"

We truly are obsessed about smartphones, aren't we? We're always plugged into the information highway that keeps our stress levels high whether we're at work or at home. One in five Americans may own a smartphone in 2010, but that number will continue to change each year.

Does multitasking on a smartphone degrade our ability to concentrate or think creatively? Are we smartphone users more easily distracted? Can we develop ADHD by using a smartphone?

Smartphones are no longer cell phones stuck on a PDA. They are becoming powerful computers, multimedia players, and gaming consoles. They're changing our daily lives and the way we interact both professional and socially. I believe they're improving patient care, but let's make sure that they're also not leading to new health problems such as "driving while distracted."

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