Monday, November 29, 2010

5 Free Android Apps to Boost Health and Fitness

This is a guest post by Rachel Davis.

5 Free Android Apps to Boost Health and Fitness

Exercise has gone hi-tech today; we no longer use just our bodies to get into shape, we also rope in the help of technology to make our workouts informative, interesting, fun, and more bearable. The mobile phone has morphed from being just an instrument used to communicate to a multi-purpose utility gadget – there’s nothing much you cannot do with smartphones. And as the war between the different operating systems heats up, it’s the consumers who stand the most to gain and who end up on the winner’s stand. Hot on the heels of the iPhone and its many apps comes the Android, and although it’s too early to predict who will be the eventual winner, Droid users are already swearing by it. Add to this the fact that the Android OS is not restrictive and used only in one smartphone brand and you can see why this OS may be pulling slightly ahead. So if you’re a Droid user, check out these absolutely free apps that help boost your health and fitness:

Endomondo Sports Tracker: Monitor your workouts if you’re a jogger, runner, cyclist or walker and keep track of the distance you’ve covered, the average speed of your workout, and the altitude you’ve climbed with this nifty app. It allows you to maintain a history of your exercising habits, and it integrates with your music playlist on your phone and Google Maps to show you where you’ve been and where you have to go.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret: Want to check if that sandwich you’re going to bite into is as healthy as it claims to be? Use this app to add the number of calories you’ll be adding to your body by eating your sandwich – Calorie Counter allows you to check the calorific value and nutritional information for almost all food items; it’s free to download and use, but please remember that it’s worthless if you still go ahead and eat food after you’ve learned that it’s unhealthy and laden in calories.

Workout Coach: This app is great for those who don’t jog, walk or cycle for exercise; it allows you to enter details of any workout you’ve done, in the gym or at home or outdoors, including which part of the body you exercised, how long you worked out, and how many reps you did if you’re strength training. You can view a comprehensive history of your workout history and shake up or slow down things accordingly.

Medicinal Herbs: If you prefer alternative and natural health therapies, this is a must-have app. It provides you with information about all kinds of herbs, including any medicinal property they possess and any side-effects they cause. It also allows you to distinguish between those herbs that are safe and those that are not.

Fitness Club and Gym Finder: Away from home and frustrated because you cannot work out? Never fear – this app helps you find a gym or fitness club close to your location so you can just walk across and get your daily dose of exercise; great app if you’re on holiday or traveling and don’t want to mess up your regular routine and/or gain weight.

This guest post is contributed by Rachel Davis, she writes on the topic of Radiology degree. She welcomes your comments at her email id: racheldavis65[@]gmail[.]com.

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