Thursday, November 04, 2010

Mobile Application for Diabetes from Vree

November is American Diabetes Month. This month, you can refer your patients to the Mobile Application for Diabetes from Vree.

The Mobile Application for Diabetes from Vree gives your patients a full suite of useful tools in one easy-to-access location. These tools can help your patients better manage their diabetes and gain the confidence to make healthy, lasting changes in their lives.

FEATURES of Vree for Diabetes include:
• Diabetes Education – Understand type 2 diabetes and the steps you can take to manage it through a series of comprehensive, interactive lessons. Topics include blood glucose monitoring, healthy eating, weight loss, and exercise.
• Blood Glucose Tracking – Receive reminders for checking your blood glucose levels as well as reports on your progress.
• Nutrition Tracking – Make informed meal choices and count calories and carbohydrates with confidence. Vree for Diabetes calculates the nutritional information for any food item that you select. The optional meal reminder prompts you to eat your meals at regular times and records when and which foods you eat. You can work with your health care professionals to set daily caloric intake goals and monitor your progress at each meal to stay on track.
• Activity Tracking – Record your physical activity and consider some simple ways that you can become more active. Set reminders and track your progress!
• Medication Tracking – Identify the medications you are taking, set reminders, and record when you take your medications.
• Progress Charts – Easily track and evaluate your progress. Review the reports with your health care professionals to determine how to best manage your type 2 diabetes over time.
• Blood Pressure Tracking – Receive reminders to check your blood pressure and keep track of your progress.

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