Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mobile Editing in Google Docs

I was just thinking about this earlier today. Now, you can edit your Google docs on your mobile device. Thanks Google!

With Google Docs, we’re always trying to make you more productive—and part of that means making it possible for you to get things done from anywhere, at anytime. That’s why we’re excited that the new documents editor now supports editing on your mobile browser. We’re rolling this out over the next few days.

It’s easy to get started: visit in a browser on a supported device, and select the document you want to edit. Then, when you’re viewing it, press the Edit button to switch to the mobile editor.

That means that...

* You can work on that important memo...while on the bus or train to work.
* If you’re behind on a group proposal, but really want to make it to the ball game tonight, your whole team can work on it from the bleacher seats.
* You can take minute-by-minute notes at a concert so you’ll always remember the setlist. And your friends can jealously follow in real-time at home.
* ...and the list goes on!

Take a look at this video to see mobile editing in action:

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