Friday, November 12, 2010

Moca, or "Mobile Care"

From the MIT Media Lab:

Five billion of the world's six some billion people live in developing countries, where many have no access to basic medical treatments and preventive care.

Moca, or "Mobile Care," is cell-phone-based telemedicine system specifically for use in developing countries. The system allows semi-skilled community health workers to go into the field carrying a smartphone, collect diagnostic information, transmit it to a central medical records system for expert review, and receive real-time decision support. The project is build on open platforms: the Android smartphone platform and the OpenMRS medical record system. OpenMRS is designed for use in developing countries and is deployed in a dozen countries. Members of the Moca team traveled to the Philippines in March to explore a pilot deployment in Capiz; we are also developing partnerships with other organizations around the world.

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