Monday, November 22, 2010

Smartphone use among physicians: specialists vs. primary care physicians

How many specialists are using smartphones? How about primary care physicians? Is there a difference?

Here's what one study found:
  • 62% of specialists have a smartphone
  • 55% of primary care physicians (PCPs) have a smartphone
How many of them are participating in online surveys on your mobile devices? 29% of PCPs and 24% of specialists. So why are more PCPs participating in online surveys on their mobile devices? I suppose the PCPs need the supplemental income they can generate by filling out market research surveys. I know that many specialists don't take the time to fill out these surveys.

Smartphone uptake is only going up. It should be interesting to see what these numbers look like in a few years. By then, the overwhelming majority of physicians will have smartphones and they'll be using them for a variety of different functions. 

Source: knowledgenetworks

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