Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Speech Therapy on your mobile device

Have you heard of Smarty Ears? Barbara Fernandes, a practicing Speech and Language Pathologist is the founder and director of Smarty Ears, LLC. They offer a variety of speech therapy iPhone apps (they also work on the iPad). Here's information about the company:
At Smarty Ears we believe technology can help parents and speech therapists improve the communication skills of children with speech and language difficulties. Our company designs and publishes apps for improving communication skills in all areas (fluency, articulation, language, etc). Our main goal is to use technology to improve expressive communication abilities, regardless of native language. Smarty Ears is committed to individuals from all around the world, and we will make sure all of our apps are available in as many languages as possible because we are aware that the majority of materials currently available are in English.

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