Saturday, December 18, 2010

15 iPhone Apps for Medical Professionals

Author: Bailey Harris.

There are many different medical-related apps for the iPhone. Some of the best are either free or low-cost and include multiple features that can be used throughout the day. Here are 15 apps that almost any medical professional would find helpful.

Medscape - Created by WebMD, Medscape is the largest and most comprehensive medical app available for the iPhone. Features include a drug reference, a clinical reference, clinical images, procedure videos, a drug interaction guide, medical news alerts, and medical care directories.

Medicine Central - The Medicine Central app was created by Unbound Medicine for physicians, nurses, physician assistants, residents, and med students. The app can be used to find drug information, details on 700+ medical conditions, drug interaction facts, a pocket guide to diagnostic tests, and access to MEDLINE journals.

Nursing Central - This free app provides disease, drug, and test information for nurses. App features include a drug guide, medical dictionary, lab and test manual, disease and disorder reference, and MEDLINE journals.

Lexi-Comp - Lexi-Comp offers a wide range of dental and pharmacology databases. Features include charts, tables, images, and more.

Psych Notes - Psych Notes is intended for physicians, nurses, and mental health professionals. The low-priced app makes a good reference and includes a free text memo function and hyperlinks to primary PubMed literature.

iPharmacy - This medical app, designed for both consumers and professionals, provides information on nearly 11,000 different pharmaceuticals.

Redi-Reader - The free Redi-Reader makes it easy to access updated guidelines from the Infectious Disease Society of America, the American Diabetes Association, the Center for Disease Control, and similar organizations.

Bio Dictionary - The free Bio Dictionary app contains definitions for biological terms. Both definitions and terms are audible in case you are unsure of pronunciation.

Anatomy Atlas - This comprehensive application is designed to serve as a reference for anyone who is studying anatomy. The app includes extensive drawings, flashcards, and annotation capability.

Emergency Room Glossary - The Emergency Room Glossary is an A to Z reference of medical terms commonly used in emergency care. The glossary covers treatments, equipment, and more.

MedAbbreviations - MedAbbreviations is a low-cost app specifically designed for medical professionals. It includes explanations for more than 13,000 medical abbreviations.

Medical Spanish - This low-priced app serves as a Spanish translator. It is devoted to medical terms and includes features like search, bookmarking, and audio.

Mediquations - Selected as a staff favorite by Apple, Mediquations is the most comprehensive medical calculator in the App Store. It offers more than 200 user-friendly calculating and scoring tools.

MediMath - Medi Math includes more than 130 medical calculators and scoring tools. The interface is easy to use and provides a range of results.

Instant ECG - This app is part reference, part study guide. It teaches electrocardiogram interpretation and includes ECG examples, high definition movies of common arrhythmias, and a quiz function so you can test your knowledge.

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  1. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Not a great list. Forgot ePocrates, OsiriX, Radiopaedia and MerckMedicus. MedCalc is just as good as MediMath or Mediquations and FREE.

  2. I would also like to suggest "Prognosis : Your Diagnosis" - clinical case studies made fun for Medical Professionals.