Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Future smartphones: dual-core processors, 4G, and much more

Soon, smartphones like the Droid X or iPhone 4 will seem really obsolete. Here are my predictions regarding smartphone features that will be found on most smartphones by the end of 2011:
  • 4G capability (HTC won't be the only one producing 4G smartphones)
  • Dual-core processor (my Droid X running a 1 GHz is very fast, but imagine what you could do with a dual-core processor!)
  • Superior voice recognition and voice command (who needs a keyboard?)
  • Dual cameras on the front and the back (this will become a standard feature soon)
  • More cloud computing features and capabilities (so get ready to use Google Docs on a regular basis)
What else?
  • 3D display? (I don't think so)
  • Superior battery life? (probably not much better than current Lithium Ion batteries)
  • Smaller vs. larger? (we'll probably have more options for smaller and larger devices)
  • Will it replace my PC? (not quite yet, but we're getting closer each year)
  • More integration with the car (as a GPS, as an Internet radio, and as digital concierge)
I'm happy with my current Droid X and I don't think I'll be upgrading to a new smartphone in 2011. However, I predict that I'll either get an iPad 2 or some other slate tablet (probably running Android) in 2011. 

I predict that by 2012, the lines separating smartphone vs. slate vs. PC will be getting very blurry. Although PCs are becoming increasingly powerful, most business users don't need the fastest computer to keep up with business applications. Plus, as more businesses rely on cloud computing platforms, we won't require PCs with the fastest quad-core processors.

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