Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Verizon iPhone - is it too late?

Verizon will be revealing the Apple iPhone today. Is it too late? We now have so many users using the Droid (Android OS) and a number of users using the Palm Pre (webOS). Will BlackBerry and Android users on the Verizon network switch to the iPhone? Will AT&T customers move to Verizon in hopes of getting better reception and fewer dropped calls?

My wife had been waiting for a Verizon iPhone for several years. Last year, she went with the HTC Droid Incredible. She's fairly happy with that phone and she mainly uses Epocrates, email, and Google Voice.

The world has been waiting for the Verizon iPhone, but I wonder if it's a year too late for many people.


  1. Yep, it's too late. I switched from the iPhone to a Droid because of the ATT service problems. I now love my Droid and would never consider switching back. If I had been able to switch from ATT to Verizon earlier, I might have kept my iPhone and never known the Droid.

  2. not too late for me, i can't wait !!