Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WellComm Releases App-Based Open System Enabling SmartPhone Connectivity to Digital Health and Wellness Resources

WellComm provides the first gateway of connectivity, communication and data sharing with thousands of previously siloed health and wellness apps, as well as, the essential conduit to personal electronic health record systems. WellComm makes real the promise of mHealth by establishing an open mHealth framework that provides the Key of connectivity & functionality for app-to-app communication to and with, existing flexible electronic record programs such as OpenMRS and Google Health.

San Diego, CA, Jan 12, 2011 - WellComm™ is an open system of components that transforms the SmartPhone into a personal health and wellness hub. The hub begins with the WellComm Application (“app”) placed on an individual’s iPhone, iPad, or other device. This app serves as the individual’s personal health and wellness dashboard. The WellComm dashboard contains, manages and connects personally identified health and wellness apps & resources for the individual.

The WellComm App, released at no cost, is a paradigm changing, gateway app. WellComm’s innovation is that it works with ALL existing resources. Its open architecture connects the patchwork of incompatible apps with other apps and with electronic and personal health records (HER and PHRs). The WellComm system does not force the replacement or change of existing systems or technology, but instead enables these disparate, siloed systems & resources to work together. WellComm can be used by Healthcare Professionals, Caregivers, Researchers and Individuals to advance and extend health and wellness.

To leverage and maximize the WellComm App, an individual can create a customized solution on, called a Prescriptive™. A Prescriptive, which is also available for free, can be configured as a survey, a customized publication or an integrated mHealth app, which can be instantly sent to any WellComm able device. Creation and customization are made simple for the user, with no programming or technical knowledge required.

“ and the WellComm App provide the hub of connectivity for all electronic health and wellness resources. The mission of our organization is to advance and improve the health and wellness of the individual, to cultivate innovation in medical research, and to provide the open mHealth infrastructure that will foster innovative health and wellness SmartPhone apps, devices and sensors. WellComm makes real the promise of mHealth”, states Brent Gutekunst, CEO, adding, “In the end, since no one else was doing it, we developed a solution to our own problem. Fortuitously, the solution is one that addresses many of the fundamental issues plaguing mHealth at this point in its early evolution. So we've decided to share it will the rest of the world to see, if together, we can change Health and Wellness as Usual. Developers, this is your invitation.”

Founded in 2010, WellComm capitalizes on the most dramatic social and technological revolution of our lifetime, the ubiquitous connectivity of the SmartPhone. WellComm transforms the SmarthPhone into the Key to access, utilize, manage and communicate with resources & technologies that improve health and wellness. WellComm is the trusted independent connectivity to and between existing disparate and disperse systems, resources, expertise, and the individual. WellComm moves personal health and wellness beyond the constraints of traditional systems.

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