Friday, February 25, 2011

3rd mHealth Networking Conference March 30-31, 2011

Concerns, fears, expectations, and hopes are widespread regarding FDA regulation of mobile devices. Through dialogue and collaboration with the FDA, the mHealth Regulatory Coalition (MRC) is addressing development of new policies about and approaches to medical device regulation that factor in the impact of rapidly accelerating mobile and wireless technology developments.

Whether you are a user, an IT specialist, a developer, a vendor, or other healthcare stakeholder, you need to know about these issues.

So, the mHealth Initiative is presenting A Panel Discussion on The FDA and mHealth at the 3rd mHealth Networking Conference, March 30-31, at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare Hotel & Conference Center.

The FDA and mHealth Panel, led by Dane Stout, Executive Director of the mHealth Regulatory Coaltion, also includes Kent Dicks, CEO of MedApps; Dr. Joseph Smith, CMO of West Wireless Health Institute; Mark Gryzwa, Director of Research and Development at Boston Scientific; and representatives from Qualcomm and Nokia. Discussion topics include:

* The current confusion and lack of clarity in mHealth Regulation
* Why staying engaged in productive dialogue with the FDA is a better alternative than direct confrontation or ignoring the issue
* What their companies wish FDA knew about their technologies and why current policies just won't work
* How policy decisions being contemplated today will impact future product development strategies in mHealth

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how FDA regulation will affect mHealth in your organization.

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