Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get your game on, the American Medical Association has issued a challenge

Author: Thuc Huynh, MD

Not too soon after releasing their first app, the American Medical Association is now calling all physicians, residents, fellows, and medical students for the first ever 2011 AMA App Challenge.  The AMA would like you to design an innovative app that can be used by fellow healthcare professionals.

There are two categories in which you can win prizes.  Physicians are in one category and residents, fellows, and medical students will compete in another separate category together.  The winners will receive $2,500 dollars in gift cards and an all-inclusive 3 day/2 night trip to New Orleans in November for the AMA House of Delegates meeting.  Winners will receive recognition at the meeting as well as authorship credit when the app if the design actually goes into processing.

The contest is similar to Health 2.0's Code-A-Thons where innovative ideas are born.  But the difference is that Health 2.0 does their challenges live, in a group, with an immediate judging process.  I would have liked to see the AMA follow suit.  It would be a great way to get creative minds flowing together to think up innovative medical apps.

One thing to remember though is that the AMA has included a little clause in their guidelines.  They state that all entries become property of the American Medical Association.  So be prepared to lose any rights to the development process, the marketing process, and the compensation that can come with it.

The deadline for entries is June 30.  For more details, visit the AMA App Challenge website here.  Good luck!

About the author:

Dr. Thuc Huynh is CEO of ScrubdIN, a startup company that aims to help health professionals and patients choose their next medical app. Her main interest lies around how medicine can play a role with web 2.0 and social media. Dr. Huynh is currently Chief Resident at her Family Medicine Residency in Rapid City, SD and received her B.S. and M.D. at the Medical University of the Americas.

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