Tuesday, March 22, 2011

T-Mobile USA Powers World’s First Multilingual Medical Communication System

Phrazer Telehealth Application from GeaCom Eliminates Communication Barriers, Improves Medical Treatment and Reduces Medical Costs

Duluth, MN and Orlando, FL, March 22, 2011— GeaCom, Inc. announced today that its handheld interactive multilingual medical communication system, called Phrazer, will be powered by the robust network of T-Mobile USA, Inc. The first system of its kind in the world, Phrazer enables the collection and delivery of critical information between patients and caregivers, regardless of language, culture or literacy.

Communication barriers often result in errors in medication and treatment, misdiagnoses and caregiver mistakes that potentially cause the patient serious harm or even death. According to a 2003 study an average of 31 interpreter errors occur per encounter with limited English proficient patients. Of those errors, 63% result in clinical consequences.1

“Medical communication is in a state of failure. Phrazer will help eliminate communication barriers, thereby improving efficiency and accuracy and reducing costs,” said Chris Butler, the Chief Operating Officer of GeaCom, Inc. “Certainly, having a reliable, widespread wireless network like that of T-Mobile is critical to Phrazer’s success.”

“The quality of healthcare can improve for all individuals regardless of language or culture with connected telehealth devices like Phrazer from GeaCom, which runs on our robust nationwide network,” says John Horn, National Director of M2M at T-Mobile USA.

For Phrazer’s network management services, such as real-time monitoring and provisioning, GeaCom has tapped Jazz Wireless Data.

“The GeaCom Phrazer application is an exciting entrant to the telehealth market. At Jazz, we are focused on providing the key wireless network elements to make Phrazer work seamlessly with maximum uptime,” said Gregor Bleimann, President at Jazz Wireless Data.

GeaCom will launch midyear and is initially targeting hospitals, clinics, and urgent care centers at the point of admissions. The company also plans to quickly expand into emergency rooms, other medical specialties and first response vehicles.

About GeaCom, Inc.

GeaCom, Inc. was founded in 2007 to develop and manufacture the Phrazer system. A company based in Duluth, MN, GeaCom is dedicated to reducing communication barriers and increasing access to quality healthcare through the development of innovative technology. For more information about GeaCom and Phrazer, please visit www.myphrazer.com.

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