Monday, April 11, 2011

Top mobile apps for health IT students and professionals

Healthcare IT News has a story about the top mobile apps for health IT students and professionals. They interviewed Hertencia Bowe, the national health information management program coordinator for Rasmussen College about mobile apps that can help health IT professionals be "more knowledgeable, prepared and organized when they're on the job."

Here are the top 10 apps that she recommends for health IT students and professionals:
  1. Drug Flashcards
  2. New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)
  3. Awesome Note
  4. ToodleDo
  5. Living Medical Textbooks
  6. Dragon Medical Search
  7. mSecure Password Manager
  8. Google Fusion Tables and health data
  9. ICD 9
  10. Skyscape Medical Resources 
To read the entire story on Healthcare IT News, click here.

Personally, I think this is a fair list, but it doesn't include some of the most popular medical apps like Epocrates or Medscape. Then again, health IT students and professionals may not need to access clinical apps as frequently as medical professionals. However, if you're doing to include apps like NEJM and Skyscape in this list, then we shouldn't forget about others like Epocrates, Medscape, Unbound Medicine, PEPID, etc. I realize that it's difficult to limit a list of "top apps" to 10 apps when some of these apps also overlap in terms of content and functionality. 

I was also a bit surprised that Healthcare IT News published this story and this list of apps when it doesn't even include their own Healthcare IT News app! (I suppose they didn't want the story to appear to be too self-promoting. You could include the Fierce Markets app to provide some fair balance).

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    1. Thanks for this list. Yes, it really is difficult to limit this list to 10. Another possible contender is Pocket Body.