Friday, May 06, 2011

New Medical Procedures Apps from Epocrates

Epocrates presents Procedures Consult apps for internal and family medicine. These intuitive and thorough apps will help you with the most common medical procedures. Access about a hundred detailed procedures videos, including pre-and post-procedure steps, and pay just $39.99 per app.

Internal Medicine - General
25 common internal medicine procedures, including:
• Defibrillation
• Local Anesthesia
• Lumbar Puncture
• Thoracentesis
• Tick Removal
• Transcutaneous Pacing

Internal Medicine - Musculoskeletal
22 common musculoskeletal procedures common to internal medicine, including:
• Arthrocentesis: Knee • Long Arm Splint
• Coaptation Splint • Sugar Tong Splint
• Dislocation Reduction of the PIP and DIP Joints • Dislocation Reduction of the Hip Joint

Family Medicine - General
27 common family medicine procedures, including:
• Anoscopy
• Excisional Biopsy
• Lumbar Puncture
• Shoulder Relocation
• Trigger Point Injection
• Wart Treatment

Family Medicine - Women's Health & Obstetrics
24 procedures common to women's health in family medicine, including:
• Breast Cyst Aspiration • Dilation and Curettage
• Cervical Polypectomy • Forceps Delivery
• Colposcopy • Word Catheter Placement

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