Thursday, June 16, 2011

EXTENSION Device Messaging

The EXTENSION Device Messaging solution addresses a number of communication challenges that hospitals and medical practices experience every day. EXTENSION Device Messaging enables individuals or groups to receive secure, non-SMS, text-based messages on their preferred end device. It also quietly connects users in the hospital’s communications network, which ensures critical information is delivered quickly and effectively regardless of the recipient’s location.

Key Features:

  • Individual or Group Messaging
  • Pre-defined or Custom Messaging
  • Interactive Messaging – instant, two-way communication
  • Message Forwarding


  • Improve HIPAA and HITECH compliance with secure, non-SMS, text-based messaging.
  • Replace pagers with feature-rich devices.
  • Increase patient satisfaction and safety.
  • Decrease recovery time by reducing the noisy environment created by overhead paging systems.
  • Increase staff satisfaction and productivity.

ROI Potential:

  • Cost/vendor reduction
  • Return on telephony and clinical systems investment
  • Improve staff retention

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