Thursday, June 02, 2011

Policy Workshop for Smartphones and Other Mobile Devices in Healthcare

Most provider institutions are struggling with policy setting related to the new phenomenon called mHealth. More and more of their clinicians are using smartphones on a daily basis - to access, document, or transmit patient-related information, as well as to confer with their colleagues and to consult online resources through the Internet or mobile apps. Some provider organizations are buying iPhones, iPads, and/or other mDevices for their nurses and physicians. Others are providing funding. Others are allowing clinicians to select and use their own mDevices.  But what about policies for mHealth?

Come to mHealth Initiative's policy workshop for brainstorming and policy guidance about the utilization of smartphones and other mobile devices in healthcare.

Policy Workshop for Smartphones and Other Mobile Devices in Healthcare
10 am - 4 pm - June 21, 2011 - Boston, MA

Here you will have the opportunity to address:

  • Integrating mDevices and apps into the workflow
  • Legal concerns related to smartphones in your organization: liabilities, obligations, HIPAA requirements, etc.
  • What should be allowed? What should be restricted? How to integrate? Who should decide?
  • Marketing and efficiency benefits against potential risks
  • Revolutionizing internal communications with mDevices
  • New patient communication methods
  • And more

Workshop chair: C. Peter Waegemann, President, mHealth Initiative

Where: Fisher College, 118 Beacon Street, 4th Floor, Room 41, Boston, MA. Parking available at Boston Common Garage. A number of hotels are nearby.

Fee: $99 per person. Lunch not included but available at college cafeteria.

Register here.

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