Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MyVirtualHealthCheck Launches Windows Phone 7 Personal Health Application

Health and disease management comes to Windows Phone 7 supported by One app to manage glucose, heart rate, blood pressure and weight.

San Antonio, TX July 13, 2011 -- With the launch of its Windows Phone 7 App, MyVirtualHealthCheck expands its offerings of mobile health and disease management applications. Those looking to improve their health can securely record, monitor and share vital sign information directly from their mobile devices. One versatile app allows users to manage glucose, heart rate, blood pressure and weight, while making a healthier lifestyle easier to achieve with the aid of a robust set of Web-based tools.

The MyVirtualHealthCheck app also allows users to e-mail physiological data to healthcare providers and caregivers directly. This important function gives users control over personal biometric information. More importantly, the MyVirtualHealthCheck app provides a window into personal vital data over time, instead of isolated data points healthcare providers currently use to make healthcare decisions. The result? Better informed patients, caregivers and physicians, and most importantly, better health. "We are very excited about the user interface (UI) possibilities for touch computing using the Windows Phone 7 Operating System," said Michael Seringer, Vice President, Chronic Care Management. "We feel like the Windows Phone UI is really well designed for robust healthcare and wellness mobile applications."

Many people are surrounded by unhealthy food and lifestyle options. Our app harnesses the location-based power of Foursquare to make it easy to find alternative healthy spots. Users can get a listing, map and photos of (and user comments about) fitness, food, outdoors and medical options close by. "We realize healthy options can be hard to find and our Foursquare app allows users to efficiently locate healthy options near them," said Seringer.

What's more, the app givers users free access to the health and disease management website, which provides even more tools to manage disease.

To access the Windows Phone 7 app. Open Microsoft's Zune Player and search for MyVirtualHealthCheck.

About Chronic Care Management, Inc. and MyVirtualHealthCheck

MyVirtualHealthCheck is operated by Chronic Care Management Inc., a private company located in San Antonio, Texas. Chronic Care Management is dedicated to providing advanced health and disease management systems for patients, healthcare organizations, clinics and hospitals. Chronic Care Management, Inc. operates; to help people securely monitor, track and share important biometric data to improve care plan compliance and overall health via the web and mobile devices. Both and feature wireless, in-home monitoring using the VirtualHealthCheck wellness gateway connecting Bluetooth-monitoring devices securely to a Web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) disease management platform.

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