Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Take Travel Med with you this summer

Travel Med is an application that describes common and uncommon medical issues that can arise before, during, or after traveling. This application was created with the non-medical professional in mind. Travel Med will guide travelers through pre-travel preparation, in-travel emergencies, and post-travel health and medical problems when immediate access to medical care may not be available. Details are provided for travel risks to all countries and continents. Immediate management of common and uncommon illness and injury that might occur while traveling or vacationing is described. Indications, dosing and side effects of commonly used medications are described. Contacts and weblinks for medical resources and travel assistance are provided. Links to government requirements for vaccines, passports, and visas, and World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control sites that describe current health issues within each region and country are provided.

What you’ll learn from Travel Med:

* Where to find the documents, visas, licenses and vaccinations required to travel internationally
* Common diseases in every continent and every country
* How to know which foods and beverages are safe while traveling
* How to sterilize water
* When it is safe for children and pregnant women to travel
* How to PREVENT dangerous illnesses: high altitude sickness, bites & stings from bugs, mosquitoes, snakes, ticks, and animals, hypothermia (cold weather injury), traveler’s diarrhea, diving & decompression illness, malaria, meningitis, heat related illness (e.g. heat stroke), influenzae, SARS, tuberculosis, and a multitude of different types of infections
* Commonly used medication information: Indications, Dosing, Use during Pregnancy and for Children, and Side Effects

More information here.

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