Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yoritex Medical Network HUB prototype – a medical diagnostic accessory for BlackBerry smartphones

Yoritex Has Produced Medical Network HUB® Prototype

Toronto, Canada, July 27, 2011 --( Yoritex Inc. today announced that its engineers have completed a development of the first-generation Medical Network HUB® prototype – a medical diagnostic accessory for BlackBerry® smartphones. This is a great step forward to the mass production manufacturing of these type of devices.

Production of a fully functional prototype means that the development of Medical Network HUB® has reached a new important stage. The stages of research and design are completely finished and the design documentation is available.

“I’m proud to announce that our engineering team has successfully completed our first-generation Medical Network HUB® prototype, marking an important milestone for Yoritex Inc. We’re starting the validation and testing phase of the prototype that will verify operability of the device and to eliminate any possible field errors. After that we’ll start manufacturing a pilot batch. The pilot batch samples can then be marketed to potential customers and investors and prepared for device certification tests,” says Leon Dain, President and CEO of Yoritex Inc.

Yoritex Inc. announced plans to start testing of the Medical Network HUB® prototype on Monday, July 25th. The company’s Test Lab expects that the first testing results will be available within the first week of testing.

About Medical Network HUB®

Medical Network HUB® by Yoritex Inc. is the first USB-connected hardware accessory for BlackBerry smartphones, which allows making over 50 different medical and non-medical measurements via plug-in accessories by Yoritex Inc. It provides full mHealth service on real-time transmit data basis.

Medical Network HUB® by Yoritex Inc. solution includes:
· Set of plug-in accessories for medical and non-medical parameters measurements;
· Independent, self-powered data processing system.

About Yoritex Inc.

Yoritex Inc. ( is an engineering research & development company. Its aim is to develop and manufacture mobile medical diagnostic devices. Yoritex' flagship product is the Medical Network HUB®, which is placed on the top of the medical diagnostic accessory product range by Yoritex Inc. for BlackBerry smartphones. From 2010 Yoritex Inc. is a Select Member of the BlackBerry® Alliance Program.

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