Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Get ready for enterprise-level mobile health care solutions from Motorola running Android

Here's my prediction for an upcoming headline: "Enterprise-level mobile health care solutions from Motorola running Android." Motorola has a number of enterprise-level handsets, but many of them run a form of Windows Mobile. In the past, Google's Android OS was criticized for its lack of robust enterprise-level security. When you compare Android against systems like BlackBerry, it's hard to find the same types of features, capabilities, functionality that a typical IT administrator would like to have for health care organizations like hospitals and multi-specialty group practices.

With the acquisition of Motorola Mobility, Google may now have the opportunity to innovate on both the hardware and the software level and create mobile health solutions that will dominate the health care industry. BlackBerry and iOS are still popular mobile operating systems among hospital administrators, but it probably won't be long before Android takes over.

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