Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A mobile health app for Windows Phone 7: TrackMyShots

We don't seem to be seeing many mobile health or medical apps for the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system. There are plenty of apps for iOS and Android. There are even medical apps for BlackBerry. For many years, I was a loyal Windows Mobile user. Now, I'm mainly using Android and iOS.

There's a new app called TrackMyShots. Developed by Linxter, Inc., a software development company in Cooper City, Florida, the app was created to help a family friend with multiple sclerosis, said company CEO and founder Jason Milgram.

A free smartphone app, TrackMyShots, is now available to help ease the log-keeping of patients with multiple sclerosis, diabetes and other conditions requiring frequent injections.

The app eliminates the need for bulky log books by allowing the user to record each injection, track injection sites and monitor adverse reactions. Users can set up an ongoing schedule for their injections and get email alerts when it is time for their next shot.

Learn more here: http://trackmyshots.com

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