Thursday, September 08, 2011

iPhone App Relieves Insomnia and Dulls Snoring

SleepPhones introduces iPhone App with soothing sound tracks that induce sleep and dull annoying noises like snoring.

Bellefonte, PA, September 07, 2011 --( AcousticSheep, LLC has developed a free iPhone soothing sounds app that is the perfect companion for SleepPhones®, the unique headphones designed specifically for falling asleep to music or other sounds.

The app is called “SleepPhones” and is available in the Apple App Store in the Lifestyle category. It offers four different soothing sound tracks designed to lull the SleepPhones user to sleep. The 30 minute tracks play on a loop all night long and include “A Minor Thing” (relaxing piano), “Newport Waves” (ocean waves), “Noise” (white noise), and “Pentatonic Waves” (piano with background sounds). You can listen to it with an iPhone or an iPod Touch.

“It's a simple iPhone app, very easy to use - just click the track you want to listen to, and you can sleep all night,” said Dr. Wei-Shin Lai, MD, CEO of AcousticSheep, LLC and inventor of SleepPhones. “If you have insomnia or a snoring bedside partner, listening to the music in the app with SleepPhones may get you better sleep and wake up feeling great! Plus, it’s free!”

SleepPhones are much more comfortable for falling asleep to music than ear buds, which can hurt ears when inside the ear canal for a period of time. SleepPhones have thin speakers within a soft fleece headband which are removable for machine washing. “SleepPhones and our new iPhone app combine to make a drug-free way to get more sleep,” Dr. Lai said.

About AcousticSheep, LLC
AcousticSheep, LLC designs and distributes innovative headphones for a variety of lifestyles. Formed in 2007 by a family doctor and her husband, AcousticSheep products are designed with comfort, quality, and the environment in mind. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, the company is powered by 100 percent wind energy. Visit for additional information. Connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@SleepPhones).

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