Thursday, October 20, 2011

Connected Health Symposium 2011 #CHS11 - focus on new, mobile technologies

I'm attending the 2011 Connected Health Symposium here in Boston. The theme this year is "New Technologies for an Era of Accountability." The focus around new technologies is very appropriate given what's happening in the mobile space. This year, mobile health or mHealth has been a very hot topic. As smartphones and tablets become more ubiquitous in health care,we're seeing broad application of these tools in hospitals and even rural health centers. We're also seeing a greater emphasis on telemedicine (but we still need to answer all the questions regarding reimbursement models for televisits). The new Apple iPhone 4S may support HIPAA-compliant video communication. Will you have video-visits with your patient on an iPhone?

Here at Connected Health, we're seeing presentations from mobile health companies like Airstrip Technologies, Nuance Communications,, Zeo, Proxense, and others.

I'm excited to be speaking about social media this afternoon in the panel discussion titled, "Facebooking Health: Scouting Out the Latest Trends in Online Patient Communities and Social Media." Come and hear how social media is transforming health care!

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