Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Who are the Top 11 Mobile Health Innovators in 2011?

Voting begins for the Top 11 in 2011 Innovators Challenge

WASHINGTON, DC (November 8, 2011) – The mHealth Alliance and the Rockefeller Foundation have announced the voting period for the Top 11 in 2011 Innovators Challenge is now open. The Challenge, which accepted nominations from October 5 to November 4, has launched a virtual voting process on HealthUnbound.org (HUB). The Challenge’s goal is to recognize individuals who have used mobile technology in innovative ways to improve health systems and outcomes particularly in the most remote areas of the world.

“Nominations have come from more than 30 countries around the world, including many low-income countries,” said Karl Brown, Associate Director of applied technology at the Rockefeller Foundation and member of the Alliance’s Partnership Board. “We are positive that the top 11 will be an inspiring set of role models for this quickly evolving field.”

The Innovators Challenge voting process is open to the public from November 8 to 11, after which a selection committee will review the nominations and submit their votes. Winning innovators will be determined by a combination of public and selection committee votes. Winners will receive an all-expense paid trip to the 2011 mHealth Summit in the Washington, DC area in December and will be honored at a reception hosted by the mHealth Alliance on December 4.

To vote for the top 11 innovators, individuals can access the virtual voting platform on HealthUnbound.org (HUB), where information about the top 30 nominees is displayed. Voters can log into HUB and select the 11 innovators that inspire them based on the Challenge’s selection criteria. HUB is an interactive network and online knowledge resource center that serves as a convening point for the mobile health (mHealth) community around many topics, including the Innovators Challenge.

“With so many nominations from innovators around the world, narrowing the winners down to 11 will not be an easy process,” said Patty Mechael, Executive Director of the mHealth Alliance. “mHealth can improve health in so many ways, from guiding clinical decisions to delivering vital prenatal information to expecting mothers via text message. Opening the voting process to the public allows us to showcase the diversity of areas in which mobile technology can have a healthy impact and the innovators that are charting new territory.”

To vote in the Top 11 in 2011 Innovators Challenge, or to learn more about the Challenge, or engage with the growing mHealth community on HUB, visit www.HealthUnbound.org.

About the mHealth Alliance
The mHealth Alliance champions the use of mobile technologies to improve health throughout the world. Working with diverse partners to integrate mHealth into multiple sectors, the Alliance serves as a convener for the mHealth community to overcome common challenges by sharing tools, knowledge, experience, and lessons learned. The mHealth Alliance advocates for more and better quality research and evaluation to advance the evidence base; seeks to build capacity among health and industry decision-makers, managers, and practitioners; promotes sustainable business models; and supports systems integration by advocating for standardization and interoperability of mHealth platforms. The mHealth Alliance also hosts HealthUnbound.org (HUB), a global online community for resource sharing and collaborative solution generation. Hosted by the United Nations Foundation, and founded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Vodafone Foundation, and UN Foundation, the Alliance now also includes PEPFAR, HP, the GSM Association, and NORAD among its founding partners. For more information, visit http://www.mhealthalliance.org.

About the Rockefeller Foundation
The Rockefeller Foundation’s mission to promote the well-being of people throughout the world has remained unchanged since its founding in 1913. Today, that mission is applied to an era of rapid globalization. Our vision is that this century will be one in which globalization’s benefits are more widely shared and its challenges are more easily weathered. To realize this vision, the Foundation seeks to achieve two fundamental goals in our work. First, we seek to build resilience that enhances individual, community and institutional capacity to survive, adapt, and grow in the face of acute crises and chronic stresses. Second, we seek to promote growth with equity in which the poor and vulnerable have more access to opportunities that improve their lives. In order to achieve these goals, the Foundation constructs its work into time-bound initiatives that have defined objectives and strategies for impact. These initiatives address challenges that lie either within or at the intersections of five issue areas: basic survival safeguards, global health, environment and climate change, urbanization, and social and economic security. For more information, please visit www.rockefellerfoundation.org.

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