Thursday, December 15, 2011

Delete Android task killer apps and avoid on-screen keyboard problems

Some of the most popular Android smartphone apps are these "task killer" apps that stop tasks and apps that are running in the background and eating up your device's memory. I had been running Advanced Task Killer (ATK) for a number of years but I recently deleted this app from my smartphone. Here's why: my on-screen keyboard would stop entering data. The keyboard would look like it's accepting my touch-based input, but no letters would appear.

When I did some searching online to see why my HTC ThunderBolt's keyboard had stopped working, I discovered that other people had experienced similar issues if they had ATK or other similar apps installed on their devices. I've had my ThunderBolt for over a year and I had never had this happen before. ATK had been running without any issues (and I did not enable task autokilling), so I wasn't sure why my phone suddenly started acting this way.

One possible remedy would be to perform a hard reset and erase everything on my device.

The other solution: uninstall ATK, reboot, and everything should be fine. I went with this option and my phone has been working fine ever since.

If you're an Android user, you probably have ATK or a similar task killer running on your device. I would suggest that you remove this app and reboot your device so that you don't face possible on-screen keyboard problems in the future. 

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