Wednesday, December 07, 2011

TIM Text Information Message for Doctors Offices and Clinics

American Telephony, Inc Announces New Product, TIM, Text Information Message for Doctors Offices and Clinics to Notify Patients Via Text Messages

A new product called TIM - Text Information Messages has been developed primarily for doctor's offices, hospitals and clinics. The system can interface to virtually any practice management system or EMR to automatically send out text messages to patients to remind them of their appointment or other important messages.

Philadelphia, PA, December 07, 2011 --( Improvements in healthcare provider to patient communication

Text Message Technology Developed by American Telephony Goes More Mobile

American Telephony Inc. has just begun to implement a new SMS text-messaging platform to utilize modern mobile communication. The technology creates direct communication between patients and their healthcare providers.

In response to the current trend in information technology and government investment into National Electronic Medical Records adoption American Telephony Inc. created software called Text Information Messaging (TIM). TIM will now deliver patient appointment reminders, or office generated messages directly to the patient’s mobile phone. In addition, TIM will allow a direct file import from a diverse list of practice management software modules.

The latest update for TIM allows the patients opt-in via their mobile phone. When TIM receives a new text message with the opt-in phrase from the patient the system sends back a message that confirms this decision. They have in turn electronically agreed to join the daily communication with their modern health care provider.

We are apart of a great technological movement sweeping across America. Many healthcare providers are investing in new technologies and expanding the current lines of communication and care management.

American Telephony has just joined forces with All About Woman of Christiana Care in Newark, DE to utilize a range of patient communication solutions that they provide. They are excited to help that practice with open communication with their patients in addition to reducing no-show rates. The reduction to the no-show rate will be a long-term benefit. This mobile technology reminds patients that they have an appointment and that they should follow-up as directed by their health care provider.

As the life of the every day American changes, so will the businesses and products needed. We all have quickly become co-depended on our hand-held devices and our need for mobile communication. Don’t let your office fall behind in patient communication.

Check out our American Telephony website ( for the latest technology available in patient communication. To setup a consultation call Len Moeller at 888-275-0703.

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