Monday, February 13, 2012

MyVirtualHealthCheck Launches Wireless Upgrade To All Android Apps Launches Major Upgrade to its Android Health Apps with Wireless Monitoring Capability

This major update to the Android mobile platform allows users to easily manage their blood pressure, heart rate and glucose using a wireless, web- and mobile-based health ecosystem. By utilizing Fora Care Inc.'s FORA D15b, combination blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring device, users can better record, monitor and track their vital sign data.

With the launch of the Vital Check upgrade to the MyVirtualHealthCheck Android apps, Chronic Care Management, Inc. makes it even easier for those looking to improve their health to securely record, monitor and share vital sign information directly from the Fora Care D15b monitoring device to the cloud, where relevant data can be shared and monitored in real-time. Making this possible is a secure, wireless and seamless connection between the Fora Care monitoring device, Android mobile apps and web-based systems using the health and disease management ecosystem.

The MyVirtualHealthCheck Android platform also allows users to e-mail physiological data to healthcare providers and caregivers directly from the app. This important function gives users control over personal biometric information. More importantly, this feature provides a window into personal vital data over time, which offers healthcare providers a much more relevant set of information on which to base their healthcare decisions than the isolated data points they currently use. The result? Better informed patients, caregivers and physicians, and most importantly, better health.

"This is a major innovation to mHealth platofrm. It allows for seamless, real-time connectivity between patients and health care providers," said Michael Seringer, Vice President, Chronic Care Management. "Relevant, timely and accurate vital sign data is critical to improving care plan compliance, promoting life style change and preventing costly medical emergencies."

Health care providers today make care plan decisions based on incomplete patient data. With growing number of people suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, it is more important than ever to adopt affordable and reliable telehealth platforms to monitor and track chronic disease. By including wireless connectivity for both paid and free apps, has given people the power to confront their disease.

About Chronic Care Management, Inc. and MyVirtualHealthCheck
MyVirtualHealthCheck is operated by Chronic Care Management Inc., a private company located in San Antonio, Texas. Chronic Care Management is dedicated to providing advanced health and disease management systems for patients, healthcare organizations, clinics and hospitals. Chronic Care Management, Inc. operates; to help people securely monitor, track and share important biometric data to improve care plan compliance and overall health via the web and mobile devices. Both and feature wireless, in-home monitoring using the VirtualHealthCheck wellness gateway connecting Bluetooth-monitoring devices securely to a Web-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) disease management platform.

Chronic Care Management, Inc.
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About Fora Care
Fora Care, located in Newbury Park, California, is a company dedicated to the design, development, and marketing of products for chronic disease management. Due to the increasing aging population and the growing demands for chronic disease management solutions, Fora Care is dedicated to reaching patients and making a difference in their everyday lives by improving the quality of home/self-care. By using the TeleHealth system, a revolutionary virtual gateway that connects and reports data relayed from patients to medical professionals, caregivers and family members can closely monitor the condition of patients. This comprehensive, interactive platform provides medical professionals a timely and progressive tool for managing better outcomes, reducing complications and hospitalizations, and improving lives for diabetes and hypertension patients. More information on ForaCare solutions is at

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