Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Physicians using smartphones in health IT #HIMSS12

I am at the 2012 HIMSS conference and this year,  I noticed a greater emphasis around mobile health.  HIMSS created mHIMSS and also recently acquired the mHealth Summit.

This morning,  the session on "Leveraging Physicians' Smartphone Usage in HIT" was a packed room and an excellent session around some practical nuts and bolts around the use of mobile devices in the hospital setting.

Here are a few tips that were shared today:

It is good to start with the residents.  The attendings will want to keep up with the residents as well.
Billing can become much more effective and efficient.
To maximize security, store as little data as possible in mobile devices.
Use the mobile device as a token to improve security.
Limit access to Wi-Fi only.  No 3G or 4G access.
If the device is lost,  remove access from the server immediately.

They also gave a nice demo using their iPhone app for the UHS.

They showed the patient list,  the problem list, their connection with the NextGen EHR. They found ways to tap into existing databases and did not expect their vendors to provide any customization.  They showed how easy it is to view the medication administration record. Surgeons love seeing the ins and outs. They can access outpatient office notes,  discharge summaries, radiology and labs, and more.

The most useful application is around patient hand-offs. This is reducing errors and improving communication among physicians.  They are using the mobile signout notes and communicating important points about patients both verbally and in writing.

Session title:

Got Smartphones? Leveraging Physicians' Smartphone Usage in HIT

United Health Services (UHS) Hospitals designed and implemented a handheld solution for clinician use. Installing this system on clinician-owned mobile devices has increased physician acceptance of EHR while minimizing computer requirements.

Rebecca T. Kennis, clinical systems analyst, UHS
Afzal ur Rehman, MD, PhD, CMIO, UHS

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