Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sony Ericsson SmartWatch Android™ watch

We're going from Smartphone to Smartwatch.

The Sony Ericsson SmartWatch Android™ watch is an extension of your Android smartphone to your wrist. So, instead of pulling out your phone to see who is calling you or sending you messages, you can view those things right on your wrist.

Could the "smartwatch" be the next hot technology to follow the smartphone?

  • The SmartWatch communicates wirelessly with your Android smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • SmartWatch features an easy-to-use, ultra-responsive touch display.
  • Customize your SmartWatch with any 20mm wristband.
  • Can read SMS and email and calendar reminders on display
  • Clip the device anywhere

This device actually looks a lot like an iPod nano. It has a clip, it can be worn like a watch, and it has a color screen. Perhaps the next iPod nano will have Bluetooth and will connect with iPhones. Maybe it will be called the iWatch.

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