Thursday, March 22, 2012

PerfectServe Releases Robust BlackBerry and Android Apps for Physicians

iPhone, Android, BlackBerry apps complement web and voice tools that help clinicians communicate with colleagues and patients, manage status and schedules

Knoxville, Tenn. March 22, 2012— PerfectServe, the leading platform for intelligent clinical communication services, recently expanded its suite of mobile access applications with full versions for BlackBerry® and Android™ smartphone devices.

The smartphone apps enable physicians to easily and securely contact any colleague, call patients without divulging personal information, easily manage on-call schedules on the fly, change call routing to different devices based on situation, like going into surgery, and keep track of and easily respond to all their inbound and outbound communications.

More than 20,000 physicians already use PerfectServe to customize their entire communications process according to their practice workflow and individual contact preferences. The enhanced mobile apps, in addition to PerfectServe’s iPhone app launched last year, give doctors another convenient way — beyond voice and web interfaces—to access the advanced communications platform.

PerfectServe was developed to address the communication breakdowns that can occur when nurses and clinicians need to connect with on-call physicians. PerfectServe solves the key issues of communication breakdown, which The Joint Commission has cited as the single greatest contributing factor to sentinel events and delays in care in U.S. hospitals. In a recent article published in Executive Insight, timely communication between clinicians was noted as essential for care coordination to improve patient safety.

Based on proprietary integrated messaging technology that is fully HIPAA-compliant, PerfectServe is the industry’s first clinical communication tool that eliminates unnecessary steps, hand-offs and decision points, which not only slow down or halt the process but also increase the likelihood of miscommunications. It gives doctors complete access and control over their professional communications with colleagues, hospitals and patients using any telephone, Internet-enabled PC or wireless device.

PerfectServe uses clinician- and hospital-provided information to integrate call schedules, contact preferences and workflow rules to create fail-safe, error-free algorithms that ensure each call, text, voice, email message, or page is sent to the right physician for that particular moment in time. It also gives physicians complete control over the inbound communications they receive and allows them to view and change schedules, status and contact information, all in real time.

PerfectServe’s iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry apps are increasingly popular with physicians who are turning to smartphones as their preferred device to manage work flow and save time.

“Reaching colleagues has been much easier with PerfectServe,” said Dr. Alan Kawaguchi, an orthopaedic surgeon at Alpine Orthopaedic Medical Group, Inc. “They respond faster, and I have the app, so I don’t have to go looking for colleague phone numbers.”

About PerfectServe

Advancing care coordination across the continuum, PerfectServe's intelligent clinical communication platform makes it easy to connect clinicians — and push relevant clinical information — to the right physician at the right time, in the precise way each physician wishes to be reached. Based in Knoxville, Tenn., PerfectServe processes more than 35 million transactions annually, connecting more than 20,000 physicians in health systems and medical practices across 154 markets in the United States. For more information, visit PerfectServe, on Twitter or call 877-844-7728.

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